Count down to Escapade 2 – Final 2 hours!

It’s happening! our very first in house designed escape game in our very CC! 

The team are all super excited. We are doing the final preparation now. 

Here’s how the name tag for this event looks like! Thanks Emma for the design!  

See you guys later!

What to expect for Escapade 2?

Here’s a testimonial from one of our early play testers:

This mass escape game is an excellently planned meta puzzle-based challenge. Every single aspect was created to be in close synchronization with the overall office-themed scenario. An entire myriad of skillsets, such as observational ability, lateral thinking, associative interpretations etc, are fully tested within the allocated timespan. We have derived a significant degree of satisfaction and enjoyment through our participation in this game. Kudos to the game creator for the massive amounts of imagination, effort and attention to intricate details that have gone into producing what we consider a highly immersive and thoroughly stimulating escape challenge. We strongly recommend everyone to check this game out!

Difficulty: 8/10

 Kevin and Lai Cheng.

* This photo is taken during a testing session and may not be indicative of the actual experience

Calling ‘G’ Agents

You’re an agent of ‘G’, a secret organisation dedicated to making the world a better place.

You have been requested by Central Command to report to your new HQ. However, the only clue you have is this cryptic riddle.

Solve the riddle and access the new HQ location using the pass code.

Invitation Revised

Tips: Look around the website. There are many hints to the secret of this event littered all over the place! It’s like¬†playing “Where on earth is carmen sandiego?”!

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